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Yamaha DTX8K-M Electronic Drum Kit – Black Forest


Other features

  • MIDI Interface: Both USB and 5 – pin MIDI Out
  • USB: Both for computer/tablet/phone linking and also sample loading
  • Internal Effects: Yes – Compression, Transient Control and EQ on every channel, plus 2x Send Effects, plus Master Effects.
  • Master Out: L+R
  • Headphone Connection: 6.3mm
  • Auxiliary Input: 3.5mm
  • Integrated Metronome: Yes
  • Recording Function: USB (90 seconds internally or 90 minutes to USB)
  • Display: Yes
  • Digital Output: Yes, USB Audio to device, or record direct to USB drive.
  • Bass Drum Pedal Included?: No

The New Yamaha E-Drums Series

Introducing the brand new Yamaha DTX8K-M Electronic Drum Kit. This electronic drumkit comes with real wooden shells for a stunning aesthetic in two distinct finishes, this particular model is in the stunning Black Forest finish. The DTX8 Electronic Drumkit comes with the highly acclaimed DTX-PRO Module which is already known for being a part of the DTX6 Electronic Drum Kits. These New DTX offerings come with something that Yamaha Have never offered before until now, Mesh Heads! up until now you could only go for Yamaha’s acclaimed TCS (Textured Cellular Silicone) Drum Pads this has now all changed with the new DTX8 Drum kits with customers now being able to choose which Drums pads they want, either the TCS pads or the Remo Mesh heads.

The Yamaha DTX8 and DTX10 can also be customised to look like a traditional kit

Yamaha DTX-PRO Module

At the Heart of the Brand New DTX8 Electronic Drumkit is the Critically acclaimed DTX-PRO Drum Module. The DTX-PRO Drum Module offers totally new audio quality with samples recorded in some of the finest studios in the world Using some of the best drumkits that Yamaha has to offer. The sounds can be treated with a whole host of effects, so drummers can tailor the sound they want to hear for whatever situation they are put in musically. Users can also load up to 1000 of their own samples in addition to the 400+ internal sounds


Unique to the DTX-PRO modules are the Kit Modifier knobs which allow the user to instantly change the sound of the kit by adjusting the real sampled room ambiance (not just reverb), Kit compression, and other effects in real time. Every channel also has built in EQ and transient control which usually only found in studio software, this allows you to change the attack and decay of the sounds to suit your needs.

Brand New DTX Sounds

The sounds for the DTX-PRO Module have been recorded in some of the best studios in Europe. Great care has been taken to record each sound from the initial stick impact to the last usable vibration. As well as the direct microphone sounds from the drums and cymbals themselves, the sounds of the instruments in the studios themselves were also captured.

Triggering and FX

The DTX8 is much faster to trigger than previous DTX models this makes them feel much more natural to play. The DTX-PRO Module also has 256 polyphony, meaning they can play more notes at the same time.

The transient adjustment adjusts the attack and release of the sound, effectively making the instrument sound closer or farther away depending on the settings. Each channel has compression in addition to the compressor modifier. 31 effects can be assigned to each individual channel making each channel abit different.

Kit Modifiers

The Kit modifier knobs are unique to Yamaha. They allows the user to instantly change the sound by affecting the ambience, compression and effects. You can also see how much each modifiers being used and adjust it in real time.

The ambience Modifier works by adding real room ambience onto the kit sound. When the drumkits were recorded they also took the time to record and sample the actual room sound. You can add this natural ambience onto the drum kit by turning the ambience modifier.

the compression modifier works by adding compression onto the whole kit, a small amount of compression can help to bring the whole kit sound together. More compression adds attack and smack to the sound to give it a more aggressive sound.

The effects modifier works by controlling how much you hear the 2 effects processors as well as the master FX. Each pad can send different amounts of signal to either processor meaning each pad can have different effects on it if required.

Ride Hit Point detection

The Ride Cymbal On the DTX8 have hit point detection or positional sensing, this means it can sense where on the bow it is being played and adjusts the sound being played accordingly, allowing for a more natural playing experience. this is in addition to the 3 zone sensing – Bell, bow, Edge.

Key Features

  • XP125SD-M 12″ Mesh Head 2-Zone Snare Pad
  • PCY155 3-Zone Cymbal Pad 15″ for ride cymbal with positional sensing
  • 3x Kit Modifier Knobs to instantly add real sampled room ambience, compression and other effects
  • Independent compression for every channel
  • 3 Sweepable Band EQ for every channel
  • Transient adjustment for every channel
  • Trainings Functions
  • 256-note Polyphony
  • Links to Rec’n’share App for Android and iOS for recording, practising and filming


  • DTX-PRO Drum Trigger Module (x1)
  • XP125SD-M Snare Pad (x1)
  • XP105-M Tom Pad (x3)
  • PCY135 13″ Pad (x2)
  • PCY155 15″ Pad
  • RHH135 Hi Hat pad on Yamaha Hi Hat stand
  • KP90 Kick Pad (x1)
  • RS8 Rack System
  • Power adapter, Module holder, manual


You can load up to 1000 of your own samples into the DTX-PRO and PROX Modules. Each sample can be 16 bit or 24 bit, stereo or mono, and is loaded in from a USB drive DTX-PRO = 32Mb (6min 20secs stereo) DTX-PROX= 256Mb (25min 22secs stereo) But this can all be used for drum and percussion sounds as there are other ways to play/ trigger tracks.


Every zone of every pad of the DTX 8 and 10 kits can have 4 layers. Each layer can be an internal sound or a user sample. These sounds can be stacked together or alternated – each time the zone is hit, the next sound in the list is heard. This is a function called Stack/Alt


The DTX-PRO and PROX Modules have a feature called User Voice which works in parallel with Stack/Alt. This means that up to 40 samples can be loaded onto any zone of any pad. These samples can then be set to play at different dynamics. You could load up to 120 samples per pad – 10 layers and 4 repeating samples on each zone.

record Via USB

You can also use the DTX-PRO and PROX to record yourself playing. You simply select the Recorder function, press Record, and start playing. You can use the module alone as an audio notepad and record for 90 seconds, or you can plug in a USB drive and record for 90 minutes. This means by attaching a microphone to the Aux In, rehearsals and lesson can be easily recorded.

If you want to record yourself playing along to a track and you do not have a computer to hand, you can simply use the DTX-PRO or PROX.

If you put the track onto a USB drive and insert it in the module, select the Recorder, find the track, press Play and then immediately Record as well, the module will record your drums over the audio track*. It is a perfect way to record demos.


The DTX-PRO and PROX have borrowed the best practice functions from previous DTX models. There are 10 training functions that are ideal for players of all standards, as well as 37 training songs that allow you to learn various genres. Drummers of all levels should find the training functions a useful aid for daily practice.


It is incredibly important that drummers can hear themselves clearly, so the new DTX modules comes equipped with a high precision, low distortion, low noise, and high- power headphone amplifier. This circuitry delivers high-fidelity sound directly to the player, and has been developed exclusively for electronic drums. The DTX-PROX has both 6.35mm and 3.5mm headphone outputs for ease of use, whether it is headphones or in ear monitors. The DTXPRO has 6.35mm.


Rec’n’Share first became known with the EAD10. Now Rec’n’Share works with the DTX8+10 range, meaning it can be used for practice or video making. Rec’n’Share is iOS and Android compatible. The device connects with a USB cable and an adaptor (depending on the device).


Any track which you have on your device, and which you own a copy of, can be used with Rec’n’Share. Streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music cannot be used because of Digital Rights Management (DRM). Rec’n’Share can link to Dropbox for easy access of all your music tracks. Any track in Rec’n’Share can have its tempo changed and have a click added to it. You can also loop sections of the track for better practice sessions.


As well as recording your playing, the Rec’n’Share App can also be used to record drum videos, by using the audio from the DTX-PRO or PROX, and the video capture of the attached device. Videos can be trimmed and edited, mixes changed, and the final result can be easily shared directly from the app.


Every DTX8 and 10 kit comes with a download code to get a copy of Cubase AI, the powerful music production software from Steinberg.

By connecting the DTX-PRO or PROX to your computer with a USB cable, all recording, editing, and mixing tasks that are found in modern music production, can be handled by Cubase






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We don’t spam! Read our privacy policy for more info.


DTX-PRO Drum Trigger Module (x1)
XP125SD-X Snare Pad (x1)
XP105-X Tom Pad (x3)
PCY155 Pad (x1)
PCY135 Pad (x2)
KP90 Kick Pad (x1)
RHH135 Hi Hat controller (x1)
RS8 Rack System
Power adapter, Module holder, manual


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